Report on Built Heritage Sub-commiteee Meeting: August 13, 2015

Photo: Jean-Luc Henry

Friday, August 14, 2015

HERITAGE OTTAWA, by Linda Hoad, Vice-President, Programs

City Moves Towards New Heritage Designations

There was a full agenda at the Built Heritage Sub-Committee (BHSC) meeting of August 13, 2015. Here are some of the BHSC's recommendations, which will considered by Planning Committee when it meets on August 25 and by Ottawa City Council when it meets in September.

Lipsett House, 37 Oriole Drive, Rothwell Heights

BHSC supported the recommendation of City Staff Report to designate this handsome Modernist house, built in 1958-59 for Fred and Elizabth Lipsett and designed by renowned Ottawa architect Paul Schoeler. Fred Lipsett was a physicist at the nearby National Research Council. This proposed designation underlines a growing appreciation for the heritage significance of mid-20th century Modernist architecture. The Lipsett House is located in Rothwell Heights near Briarcliffe, which in 2013 was designated as Canada’s first modernist Heritage Conservation District. The BHSC passed this item on consent.

70 Richmond Road

BHSC also recommended the designation of 70 Richmond Road, the former Champlain Oil Company Service Station built in 1934 and located at the southwest corner of Island Park Drive and Richmond Road. Ottawa artist and historian Andrew King spoke in favour of this designation. The property owner spoke against it, pointing out that the location of this building does not conform to the current design guidelines for Traditional Main Streets, and that the designation will make it difficult to develop the site. Councillor Jeff Leiper spoke in favour of the proposed designation after clarifying that the building could be moved elsewhere within the site to facilitate development.

122 Daly Avenue

122 Daly Avenue, one of the earlier surviving structures in the Sandy Hill West Heritage Conservation District, was built circa 1869. The building has been much altered over the years. BHSC recommended rejection of the current proposal to demolish part of the structure and create a new addition, at least in its current proposed design. The committee felt that the addition as proposed would remove and/or obscure too much of the structure's east façade and mansard roof. Tobi Nussbaum, BHSC Chair recommended that the applicant continue working with heritage staff to find a solution that can meet the the owner's needs and better protect the building's heritage value.

10 Rideau Street

10 Rideau Street stands at an important crossroads in downtown Ottawa. It serves as the southeast entrance to the Rideau Centre at the corner of Rideau and Sussex, which will serve as the the main entrance to the future LRT station. The former Transportation Building, designed by Ottawa architect J. Albert Ewart and built in 1916, is one of the finest terra cotta buildings in the city, for which it was designated under Part IV of the Ontario Heritage Act. The years have not been kind to the ground floor level of the terra cotta. Elements of it have required replaced in the past with more durable limestone. With the expectation of increased wear and tear, some remaining elements of terra cotta are to be replaced by more elements of a limestone veneer, in a colour and finish sympathetic to the stunning terra cotta displayed in the storeys above. Other elements can be repaired or replaced in kind. Next time you are at this intersection, look up!

Updates to Heritage Register

At the same meeting, the BHSC recommended important updates to the Heritage Register, adding several buildings in Hintonburg and Mechanicsville. This matter is part of the city’s program to update the Heritage Register across the city. The BHSC passed this item on consent.

Councillor Marianne Wilkinson announced Heritage Ottawa's Annual Heritage Forum coming up on September 26, 2015. This year's Forum focuses on Ottawa's Rural and Suburban Heritage and takes place in Kanata at St. John's Anglican Church, South March. Councillor Wilkinson invited fellow committee members to attend the Forum and take in the Carp Fair afterward.


Registrations for the 2015 Heritage Forum are now being accepted via our website. Click here for more information.