50 Years | 50 Stories

Ontario 150

In celebration of our 50th anniversary in 2017, Heritage Ottawa is pleased to present 50 Years | 50 Stories.

Throughout the coming year, we'll share the stories of 50 buildings that Heritage Ottawa has helped to save and preserve for future generations during our 50 years of advocacy work as champions for outstanding historical architecture.

Our first story debuts on March 1, 2017 and will be followed by several stories per month until we reach our 50th story in December 2017. Many thanks to Ken Elder for the considerable hours of research he has devoted to this project.

All stories will be published in French on the French-language version of our website. 

Heritage Ottawa joins in celebrating Canada's and Ontario's 150th anniversaries during this landmark year!


Heritage Ottawa gratefully acknowledges the support of Ontario150 for this project.


  • Heritage Ottawa 50 Years | 50 Stories -  Carleton County Court House

    4. Carleton County Court House

    Designed by civil engineer and architect Robert Surtees, the Carleton County Court House was built between 1870 and 1871 by contractor John Webster.  The new building replaced a small, square stone…

  • Heritage Ottawa 50 Years | 50 Stories: Billings Estate House

    3. The Billings Estate House

    Built as a family home by Braddish Billings, Gloucester Township's first settler in 1812, the Billings House is a classical design inspired by Georgian architecture. A home of distinction, it was …

  • Heritage Ottawa 50 Years -  50 Stories: The East Block, Parliament

    2. The East Block, Parliament Hill

    The East Block of Parliament, officially known as The Eastern Departmental Building, is an outstanding example of the High Victorian Gothic Revival style.  Designed by British-born architects Thomas Stent and Augustus Laver…

  • Union Station | Gare Union

    1. Union Station | Government Conference Centre

    The former Union Station building, initially known as Grand Trunk Central Station, was designed by Montreal-based firm Ross & MacFarlane. The firm's Beaux- Arts concept was praised as …