Annual General Meeting 2020

Wednesday, October 28, 2020 | 7:00 pm | Via ZOOM 

What an impressive turnout! Thank you to all our members who joined Heritage Ottawa's online Annual General Meeting.

Past Event | Registration Now Closed

And thank you to our guest speaker, Johanna Mizgala, for an excellent presentation and for agreeing to share it during the month of November on Heritage Ottawa's YouTube channel.

"I Would Rather Write in Stone": John A. Pearson, architect of Parliament introduces viewers to John Andrew Pearson (1867-1940) the principal architect of the reconstruction of the Centre Block. Pearson viewed the new Parliament Building as a total work of art, connecting its overall design with the room finishes and decoration to create a unified experience. His concept encompassed the ornamental stone carving, intricate metalwork and the design of distinctive furniture to suit the special setting in which it would be used. This beautifully illustrated talk includes the history of Parliament Hill, the devastating fire of 1916, and the construction of Pearson's icon to Canadian democracy. With restoration and rehabilitation work currently underway on the building, this topic is timely. 

Guest Speaker: Johanna Mizgala

Johanna Mizgala was appointed to the position of Curator of the House of Commons in 2014. She has lectured and published extensively on museology, architecture, contemporary art and photography, and has a considerable background in arts, heritage and culture advocacy, as well as substantial experience in building long-term relationships within these communities.