Board of Directors

Heritage Ottawa is a volunteer organization, run by volunteers.

Each member of our Board of Directors brings extensive experience and commitment to the table. The Board meets regularly to deal with important heritage advocacy issues as they arise, and to develop our Lecture Series, Walking Tours, Quarterly Newsletter and other publications. 

  • Linda Hoad, Vice-President Operations
  • Carolyn Quinn, Vice-President Communications
  • Gilles Seguin, Vice-President Development
  • Zeynep Ekim, Treasurer
  • Martin Rice, Secretary
  • Richard Belliveau
  • Gorana Botic
  • Barbara Bottriell
  • Maya Bugorski
  • Peter Coffman
  • Ian Ferguson
  • David B. Flemming
  • David L Jeanes
  • Allison Margot Smith
  • Heather McArthur
  • Hunter McGill
  • Katherine Spencer-Ross
  • John Zvonar