Save the Alexandra Bridge

Alexandra Bridge as seen from Jacques-Cartier Park in Gatineau. Photo: D. Jones

The Alexandra Bridge Coalition 

An inter-provincial, multi-disciplinary Coalition made up of advocates from the heritage, transportation and environmental sectors has been formed to protect the future of the historic Alexandra Bridge. Read our Media Release (April 30, 2021) HERE.

The federal government is proposing to demolish the Bridge on the basis that it can no longer sustain vehicular traffic. The Alexandra Bridge Coalition would like that decision to be revisited, in light of the Government of Canada's own commitment to renew heritage sites and cultural landscapes, and its policies on climate change and green infrastructure. 

The ABC calls upon the federal government to reverse its decision until all due-diligence studies are completed. These studies must include the potential removal of vehicular traffic from the existing bridge and an updated costing analysis for all alternatives.

The ABC proposes that the Bridge be retained for its national built-heritage value and significance, and repurposed for green infrastructure transportation. 



Watch Heritage Ottawa's illustrated lecture, The Alexandra Bridge: Its Construction, Its Significance, Its Future, presented September 22, 2021, and learn about the bridge's construction from 1898 to 1901, the rationale for the cantilevered design, its conversion from rail to vehicular use, as well as the significant role that  bridges have played in our collective consciousness and examples of community-driven efforts to save threatened bridges, both within Canada and abroad.

Your Voice Matters! Take Action

The Alexandra Bridge Coalition calls upon Canadians to contact the Prime Minister and the Minister of Public Services and Procurement Canada to DEFEND OUR HERITAGE AND PROTECT OUR ENVIRONMENT and exercise their authority to protect the Alexandra Bridge, an iconic landmark in the Nation's Capital, from demolition.

Read the ABC's letter to the Prime Minister HERE.

Read the ABC's letter to the Minister of Public Services and Procurement Canada HERE.


The Alexandra Bridge Coalition asked local candidates from the major political parties in Ottawa-Gatineau to make public their position on the future of the Alexandra Bridge. Read the CANDIDATES' RESPONSES HERE.

Read our Election Media Release (September 15, 2021) HERE.

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