Doors Open

June 4 — 11, 2021  

Doors Open Ottawa is going virtual!

That's right... after having to cancel last year's event due to COVID-related restrictions, Doors Open is back, and we are invited to participate from the comfort of our homes. 

Heritage Ottawa has been a strong supporter of Doors Open since its inception in 2002. An event designed to celebrate the city's built heritage by opening up buildings for public viewing was a perfect fit for Heritage Ottawa. Many of our members and directors were active participants in bringing the event to the city. Today, members of our board of directors continue to contribute as active contributors on the Doors Open Ottawa Advisory Council.

Doors Open is held annually on the first weekend in June, and is a once-a-year opportunity to tour some of Ottawa’s most fascinating and unusual places.

This year, Doors Open invites us to discover the secrets and stories that lie within nearly 70 of some of Ottawa's most interesting buildings through still photography, in-depth descriptions, 3D and/or virtual tours, YouTube videos, and more.

Come and explore Ottawa's history, culture and stunning architecture. It's FREE, it's fun and it's the perfect way to discover how Canada's capital has become the beautiful city it is today.

CLICK HERE for the 2021 list of participating buildings.