Our Purpose

The conservation of Ottawa's heritage character.

Heritage buildings, historic neighbourhoods and cultural landscapes shape the spaces where we live our lives. They are places that invite discovery through the character of their construction, their welcoming tree-lined streets, and the curved pathways of their historic parks and green spaces. 

Heritage Ottawa is committed to ensuring that the significance of our heritage places is not trampled in the rush to demolish old and develop new. And that integrating heritage assets into new development is the sustainable option that will prevent historic construction materials going to our landfills.

It is this commitment that has driven our organization for over 50 years. Together with our members and supporters we have worked energetically to ensure that accumulated heritage -- which is what gives our city character -- is protected and integrated into city planning.  

Battles are won, and battles are lost. It's hard work, and that's the purpose of our organization. We are a group of dedicated volunteers who are passionate in our commitment to promote awareness, appreciation and preservation of outstanding examples of historic buildings and places in Ottawa and the National Capital Region.

Ottawa's heritage belongs to all of us. Help us ensure it continues to enrich future generations.

We are Heritage Ottawa, and we welcome you to join us.