Mayor Watson still underwhelmed with latest Château Laurier design

Latest design, proposed addition to Château Laurier / Handout

Monday, May 27, 2019


The company that owns the Château Laurier is “tone-deaf” to criticisms piling up over the proposed addition to the historic hotel, Mayor Jim Watson said Monday.

“I think they’ve made some improvements, but I think they’ve been a little tone-deaf in the overarching disagreement that it looks like a sea ship container from one angle,” Watson said when asked about his opinion of the latest rendering.

“I’m still underwhelmed by it. I still think it looks too boxy,” Watson said, but he suggested that there are some redeeming parts of the design. “From Major’s Hill Park it actually looks pretty good,” he said.

“I suppose at some point we could go on forever and nothing gets done. At some point the project has to go ahead.”

The planning committee gets the final decision on the hotel’s site-plan application. A site-plan matter doesn’t require council’s ratification.

The mayor is an ex-officio member of the planning committee — meaning he’s a member by virtue of being mayor, though he doesn’t attend regular meetings — but Watson doesn’t intend to take a seat at planning committee on June 13 to vote.

“I like council committees to run on their own without me sitting there glaring at people,” Watson said.


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