Heritage Ottawa's Leslie Maitland Discusses 24 Sussex and Rideau Cottage with CBC Television

Images: 24 Sussex Drive via NCC, Leslie Maitland via CBC.ca

Monday, November 2, 2015


Heritage Ottawa's Leslie Maitland appeared on CBC Television's Our Ottawa today to discuss the heritage significance of 24 Sussex Drive and Rideau Cottage.

When asked how, from the perspective of Heritage Ottawa, a new federal government might change things, Ms. Maitland replied "My big hope is that this government seizes the opportunity to pass legislation to protect National Historic Sites and federally owned heritage properties. It is bizarre that we have legislation that identifies National Historic Sites, but offers no protection... We're hoping that this government will turn a corner and embrace its responsibility as a steward of our national heritage."

"I'm always optimistic" said Ms. Maitland. "Heritage is about carrying the past into the future and giving it a new use."

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Ever since the Liberals won a majority in this month's federal election, there's been a great deal of talk about exactly where in Ottawa incoming prime minister Justin Trudeau will call home.

Trudeau has said he'll forego living at 24 Sussex Drive — the traditional home of Canada's prime minister — in favour of Rideau Cottage, largely because 24 Sussex is in need of major repairs.

This week on Our Ottawa, Heritage Ottawa past president Leslie Maitland chats with host Adrian Harewood about what should be done with 24 Sussex, and also gives viewers a glimpse inside the lesser-known Rideau Cottage.