Heritage Ottawa to Built Heritage Sub-Committee re: Re-designation of the Horticulture Building

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Heritage Ottawa’s position with respect to the original de-designation and moving of the Horticulture Building is a matter of public record. Our position was supported by the recommendation of the Conservation Review Board. The CRB’s recommendation was not binding and the City chose to overturn it, as allowed by the Ontario Heritage Act. The loss of approximately 25% of the structure necessitated by the relocation was a further compromise to the integrity of the structure.

It is the city’s prerogative to re-designate if they so chose. If so, following the wording of the easement with the Ontario Heritage Trust with respect to heritage character elements would be appropriate, and we understand that a few further refinements to the Statement have been offered by others. 

Heritage Ottawa sincerely appreciates the efforts of the city’s heritage planners to craft a strong Statement of Cultural Heritage Values.

Thank you

Leslie Maitland, M. Mus., CAHP


Cc: Ontario Heritage Trust