Comedian Tom Green to hold Save The Château Laurier picnic in Major’s Hill park on July 27

Stand-up comedian Tom Greene performing in March 2016. Canadian Press Images / Mario Beauregard

Friday, July 26, 2019

Global News | By Christopher Whan

In the wake of the city of Ottawa’s decision to move out of the way of the much-maligned addition to the Château Laurier, Ottawa-born comedian Tom Green is looking to continue the fight against the design.

Green was at the final council meeting before the summer break where council made the decision not to revoke the heritage permit that would have stopped the development though potentially opening up the city to litigation.

He spoke of the design and its similarities to another major construction project proposal in the U.S.

“It looks like a wall,” said Green. “It looks like Donald Trump’s wall is being built to hide the Château Laurier from one of the most dramatic and historic vistas in the world.”

“To put a blemish on it like that, I think, is just sort of a travesty.”

Green is asking residents to come down to the park to hang out, eat lunch and enjoy the view. Use of social media to spread the message is encouraged.

The picnic is scheduled for Saturday evening (July 27) at 6:30 p.m.