Saturday, November 19, 2022

SAVE THE DATE!  On Wednesday, November 23 at 7pm, Councillors Glen Gower and Jeff Leiper will be hosting an expert panel — including Heritage Ottawa's David Flemming — to answer your questions about BILL 23 and its consequences for Ottawa city planning and municipalities throughout Ontario.

"You’ve likely read news stories related to cutting development charges, removing oversight over developing wetlands, gutting heritage protection, eliminating tools meant to address affordable housing and removing single-detached-only zoning.

Bill 23 will greatly impact Ottawa’s sustainability for decades to come, but residents have had few opportunities to explore the legislation. Even as Bill 23 proceeds quickly to becoming law at Queen’s Park, the government has also modified our Official Plan to add more density, more developable lands on the edge of the city and to eliminate renter protection. New “strong mayor” powers have been announced that override the voice your city councillor has to shape city planning."

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Public comments are being accepted by Ontario until November 24.  CLICK HERE for more details on our website, including how you can take action.