Re: Mandate of Built Heritage Sub-Committee

Thursday, April 9, 2015

The following submission was made by Heritage Ottawa to the Built Heritage Subcommittee on April 9, 2015.


9 April 2015

Heritage Ottawa to Built Heritage Sub-Committee (BHSC) re:  Mandate Report April 2015

Heritage Ottawa supports the recommendations in this report, as they will go a long way towards giving the BHSC a broader perspective on heritage conservation in the city, through the many legislative and planning avenues available, not just the Ontario Heritage Act.

Planning Applications

We agree with the recommendations that the BHSC be informed of Official Plan and/or Zoning By-law applications for properties designated under the OHA; and that the BHSC be kept informed of Committee of Adjustment applications where heritage attributes of designated properties are potentially affected. 

Heritage Register (HR) / Heritage Reference List (HRL)

We support the recommendations. But given that the HRL has been out of date for very many years, and that the lack of movement on this issue casts discredit on heritage conservation in Ottawa, Heritage Ottawa recommends:

  • that the BHSC ask to be briefed on where updating the HRL stands in the staff workplan, and consider affording this a higher priority;
  • that BHSC receive regular briefings regarding progress towards updating this list as a priority;
  • and that the city move proactively towards putting the HR on its website; and
  • that the City ensure sufficient staff and financial resources to accomplish the above.

Heritage Overlay

We agree that the Heritage Overlay deserves to be re-examined in the light of legislation and planning tools that have developed since the Heritage Overlay came into existence, with a view to strengthening heritage conservation for buildings and areas which have yet to be considered for designation. The BHSC should ensure that heritage protection is not diminished by any changes to use of the Heritage Overlay.

Cultural Heritage Impact Statements

We agree that the BHSC be kept informed of all applications that trigger a CHIS and we recommend:

  • that the BHSC comment if they deem it appropriate.

Requests for Heritage Designation

We support the recommendation, which will strengthen the position of the BHSC to comment on all aspects of heritage conservation, including those sites which do not meet the criteria.

Heritage Ottawa also looks forward to seeing the city website offer more information on the process of heritage designation in the City of Ottawa, so that citizens are better informed in a proactive manner. To that end, Heritage Ottawa pledges to continue to work with the City and other partners on raising awareness of built heritage in the City of Ottawa.

Thank you for your consideration.


Leslie Maitland, M. Mus., CAHP

President, Heritage Ottawa