Media Release: Coalition Calls on Election Candidates to Take a Position on the Alexandra Bridge

Alexandra Bridge seen from Ottawa River in Gatineau. Photo: D. Jones

Wednesday, September 15, 2021

The Alexandra Bridge Coalition has asked candidates from the major political parties in the National Capital region for their position on the future of the bridge. The Coalition has called on all parties to commit to reversing the government’s decision to demolish the bridge until all due-diligence studies are complete.  See our detailed request HERE.

The overwhelming majority of responses received from the candidates support our position. 

You can read the responses of the candidates who have chosen to answer in writing (whether in support of, against, or undecided) by CLICKING HERE.

We encourage voters and media organizations to ask the National Capital candidates to state their position publicly.

We believe that the future of the Alexandra Bridge is an important election issue for the entire Ottawa-Gatineau region and that all candidates should make their position known.

Contact spokespersons for the Coalition:
Jordan Ferraro (English)
Claude Royer (French)