Magee House in Hintonburg is Listed for Sale

Magee House on May 25, 2019. Photo: Linda Hoad

Wednesday, April 29, 2020


Nearly two years after its partial collapse, one of Ottawa's most infamous properties is up for sale.

Magee House, a historic landmark on Hintonburg's Wellington Street West, is on the market for $3.2-million.

Shortly after the sudden collapse of its west-facing stone wall on July 24, 2018, an engineer hired by the City declared the remainder of the then-137-year-old building unsafe. Noting that the west wall had virtually no mortar holding the stones together, the consultant recommended the building's demolition before winter.

Ottawa's Built Heritage Sub-Committee reluctantly endorsed the demolition on two conditions: that demolition be completed by November 15, 2018, and that the stone be retained and stored in a weather-protected area for incorporation into future development on the site, which would include the installation of an interpretative panel commemorating the history of Magee House.

The owner, who had initially stated an interest in restoring the heritage-designated structure and making it the centrepiece of a new development on the property, resisted the demolition order, and did not comply with the City’s subsequently-issued work orders to stabilize the building.

In fall 2019, the City undertook a partial demolition of the building's west side in order to complete the stabilization work, which enabled the sidewalk and street lane to re-open after more than a year of closure.

Built as a family residence circa 1881 for Mrs. Frances Magee, the stone building was converted in 1907 to house a branch of the Northern Crown Bank (later the Royal Bank). Other commercial tenants followed. The main floor commercial space had been vacant for some time.

The structure was designated under the Ontario Heritage Act in 1996.


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