Heritage Ottawa Submission to Planning Committee Re: 2015 Draft Operating and Capital Budget

Photo: Jean-Luc Henry

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Re: 2015 Draft Operating and Capital Budget - 2015.02.24 -  Agenda Item 10 

For more than 40 years Heritage Ottawa volunteers have worked with City Council and staff, community associations and the public to advocate for the conservation of Ottawa’s properties of heritage importance. Through our lecture series, walking tours, publications and special events, we seek to inform and educate the public on the significance and importance of our heritage buildings and landscapes.

As Planning Committee begins deliberations on the Strategic Initiatives for the coming year, we urge you to consider the following issues and provide the Heritage Planning Section and the Built Heritage Sub-Committee with the necessary direction and resources for their implementation:

  • Modify the mandate of Built Heritage Sub-Committee so that it is empowered to advise on all aspects of heritage in relation to applications under the Planning Act, not just the Ontario Heritage Act to make it similar to other Ontario municipal heritage advisory committees
  • Increase the City’s financial capacity to address development proposals in Heritage Conservation Districts in a more timely manner; the lack of sufficient  resources makes it difficult to address heritage conservation in a timely manner
  • Update the City’s Heritage Reference List and Heritage Register and provide website access to these two important documents
  • Continue to ensure that demolition by neglect does not continue 
  • Increase the budget for the over-subscribed Heritage Grant Program for Building Restoration, an excellent incentive for citizens to restore heritage properties
  • Explore property tax incentives for Part IV and Part V properties designated under the Ontario Heritage Act.
  • Plan with others for sesquicentennial celebrations of the built heritage that defines our City and our National Capital.

Heritage Ottawa looks forward to working with the City to achieve these objectives.

Thank you for your consideration.


Leslie Maitland, M. Mus., CAHP

President, Heritage Ottawa