Heritage Ottawa to Built Heritage Sub-Committee re: 1518 Main Street, Stittsville

Friday, March 1, 2013

Heritage Ottawa appreciates that the City was willing to support a review of the building’s structural condition.

In addition to our comments provided in December, 2013, as noted in the staff report, Heritage Ottawa would support the following options:

  1. stabilization of the shell of the eastern section in situ and reconstruction of the balance;
  2. photogrammetric recording of the eastern section, its careful dismantling and reconstruction of the entire complex; or
  3. construction of contemporary infill in a manner sensitive to the heritage character of the community, together with a commemorative plaque or other gesture of remembrance.

We hope the committee’s recommendation will be driven by what is best for heritage – the heritage of this individual building, and the heritage character of the Stittsville streetscape.

Thank you for the opportunity to comment.


Leslie Maitland, M. Mus.,

President, Heritage Ottawa