The Heritage Register: Discussion Continues on CBC Ottawa Morning

Paterson Hall at Carleton University, constructed in 1958, was designed by architect Hart Massey. Photo: City of Ottawa Archives

Tuesday, September 5, 2017


Cities value their unique heritage. Cultural and ecological benefits aside, studies have shown that designated heritage properties perform better than average in the real estate market.

Yet as the City of Ottawa updates its Heritage Register—a list of buildings with potential heritage value, not to be confused with heritage designation—many property owners are concerned that a Register listing, with its 60 day notice requirement for demolition, would have negative impact on their property values.

Concerns are not limited to homeowners.  While other universities embrace their modernist heritage, Carleton University's current master plan calls for the demolition of Paterson Hall, one of the University's earliest buildings constructed in 1958 and designed by architect Hart Massey. Recommended by city heritage staff for inclusion on the Register list (along with the University's Dunton Tower and School of Architecture buildings), Paterson Hall is the "last tangible link to the founding vision of the University" states Peter Coffman, Professor of the History and Theory of Architecture (HTA) program at Carleton.

Earlier today, Peter Coffman appeared on CBC Ottawa Morning to discuss the Heritage Register and the historic value of architecture. Click the link to hear the segment online.


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