Heritage Ottawa: Submissions to Built Heritage Subcommittee, June 2017 Agenda

Thursday, June 8, 2017


The City of Ottawa's Built Heritage Sub-Committee (BHSC) meets monthly at Ottawa City Hall to review heritage applications and provide its recommendations.

There was one item on the BHSC agenda for Thursday, June 8.

Heritage Ottawa is asked by the City to review and comment on applications that go before the Built Heritage Sub-Committee and on to Planning Committee. Our comments are presented below.


Application to Alter 429 Lansdowne Road North, a Property Located in the Rockcliffe Park Heritage Conservation District and Designated under Part V of the Ontario Heritage Act

Read the Heritage Survey and Evaluation Form here.

Read the City Staff Report recommendations here.

“Heritage Ottawa has considered the proposal for alteration of this contributing property in the Rockcliffe Park Heritage Conservation District (HCD).

We consider the plan to relocate the current front-facing garage and its driveway to be a positive feature of the proposal.

The strategy of bracketing the symmetrical front façade with flanking additions (as viewed from the street) is a reasonable approach. We are concerned, however, that the scale and footprint of the south side addition weakens the sense of continuity and dominance of the soft landscape, both within the lot and as part of the HCD as whole. An overarching principle of the Rockcliffe Park HCD Plan is to maintain and enhance the continuity and dominance of soft landscaping throughout the District.

A landscaping plan was not provided for review with this proposal; and so, it is not clear to what extent the space between the south side addition and the lot line will be landscaped. To mitigate the impact of the addition on the reduced space, consideration might be given to reviewing the overall scale and footprint of the proposed addition. At minimum, consideration should be given to including heavy plantings and other continuous soft landscaping that would link the yards from front to back and provide a continuity of greenspace.

While the lot coverage will be substantially increased by the proposed alterations, the majority is contained to rear of the existing house, and not visible from the front as part of the streetscape, which makes it subordinate to the existing house and an acceptable intervention in this case. The amount of landscaped area in front will be increased by the removal of the existing driveway. For these reasons, we do not oppose the proposed additions.”


• At its meeting of June 8, BHSC voted to recommend approval of the application on the understanding that the Applicant has agreed to work with City Staff to achieve greater subordination of the proposed addition to the original structure.

Planning Committee will consider the application at its meeting of June 21.

• The item goes to City Council on July 12 for final approval.