Gold, Snakes, and Mother Insurance: Preservation of the 180 Wellington Building Mosaic

Wednesday, January 20, 2021 - 19:00 to 20:00

Built in 1927 as the headquarters of the Metropolitan Life Insurance Company, 180 Wellington Building’s most stunning feature is the dramatic mosaic on the vaulted ceiling inside the main entrance. Created by American muralist Barry Faulkner in 1927, the mosaic depicts “The Great Metropolitan Mother” protecting the insurer’s policy-holders. Acquired by the federal government in 1973, the major six-year rehabilitation of the building that began in 2010, included the restoration of the artistic mosaic and its nearly one million coloured tiles of glass. 


Kelly Caldwell is a Conservator for CSI Canada and EverGreene Architectural Arts, with a background in architectural and archaeological conservation and preservation. Kelly holds an MSc in Conservation for Archaeology and Museums and an MA in Principles of Conservation from the Institute of Archaeology at the University College London.

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Presented via ZOOM.
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Ottawa, ON